EFCW Supported Organizations

cru: EPIC

Brent & Leila Wong
The Epic Movement was founded on the ideal of reaching the world through Asian American students and faculty. Visit cru website to learn more about what Epic Movement is up to on campuses across the country.


The Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC), a Christian social service organization, established in New York in 1982. Its goal is to serve the needs of the Chinese-Americans, many of whom are immigrants from Asia.

Sowers International

Rev. Luke Zhang
Sowers provide short term mission trips for youth, college students and adults emphasizing evangelism and discipleship on Christian mission trips to US, Mexico and International sites.

Angela Shih

Angela Shih has been teaching English to the 3-5th graders in Vietnam for about two years now and some of those kids do not come from believing families. She started an after school Bible study activity group and please continue to pray for her wisdom and God's guidance as she's witnessing to the kids in her After School Activity.

Rimrock Ministries

Murray Hewko
Ibapah Indian Reservation, Utah

Kingdom Rice

Steve Hong
Kngdom Rice is an advocate for an “asian, group oriented” approach to ministry. Using the word “advocate” because this approach is not only underdeveloped, it is passed over, marginalized.

Rudolph & Angela Man

Rudolph & Angela Mak are currently serving in China.


Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) is an international radio network that airs Christian programs in 149 languages. Broadcasts are aired from shortwave, mediumwave, and FM transmitters located throughout the world.

Media Evangelism Association

Media Evangelism Association broadcasts positive outlook on life and gospel programs 24/7 under Creation TV.  Varied programs bring the faith, hope and love of God into every family.

Local Ministries

Convalescent homes program.
DTLA luncheon program.